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2007-11-06 - DKIMproxy participates in Interoperability Event, and more

DKIMproxy recently participated, along with 20 other organizations, in a DKIM Interoperability Testing Event at Alt-N Technologies in Dallas, TX. Although my participation was over the Internet, rather than in person, I still achieved quite a bit. The latest development release of the Mail::DKIM perl module (on CPAN) contains several fixes for problems discovered at the Interoperability event. These fixes will eventually improve not only DKIMproxy but also SpamAssassin which uses the same underlying module.

In other news, I've posted a test release of the next version of DKIMproxy! This test release introduces a number of long-awaited features, including

To use this test release, you will need the latest development release of Mail::DKIM. An easy way to get both is go to, and look for the "Download" section. There are links there that will take you directly to the latest versions.

2007-10-11 - DKIM-Proxy now on SourceForge

Interest in DKIM-Proxy and Mail::DKIM has been heavier recently, so I finally decided to "bite the bullet" and move the project from my personal home page to SourceForge. Therefore, DKIM-Proxy now has a mailing list, as well as new forums and an issue tracker. If you want to get involved with DKIM-Proxy or Mail::DKIM, please subscribe to the mailing list and/or "monitor" the forums.

The project page for DKIM-Proxy is

2007-07-31 - Mail::DKIM 0.28 available here for testing

Version 0.28 contains a fix for a line-wrapping bug reported on

2007-07-25 - Mail::DKIM 0.27 available here for testing

In this release I've been working on better support for sender signing policies. I'll be posting it to CPAN in a week or two if no problems are noticed.

2007-05-24 - dkimproxy 0.16 has been released

This version of dkimproxy is supposed to let you control how many processes are running, with the --min_servers and --max_servers command-line options.

Also, if you have 0.25 or better of Mail::DKIM, the signatures will be made "pretty", i.e. line-wrapped to less than 80 characters per line.

2007-05-24 - Mail::DKIM 0.26 now available

The DKIM spec has now been published as RFC 4871. This RFC contains a change in what version number signatures should use. Please update your Mail::DKIM module to 0.26 so that these new "v=1" signatures are recognized and generated.

2007-05-10 - Mail::DKIM 0.25 available here for testing

This release limits which headers are signed in an outgoing message. This will create more reliable signatures.

I'll post it on CPAN later this week.

2007-05-01 - Forum now available

There is now a DKIM-Proxy forum at Thank you Evert Meulie for offering to set this up. You can use this forum for questions about DKIM-proxy or the Mail::DKIM perl module. Also feel free to post general comments, suggestions, and patches. I'll try to keep an eye on the forum.

Thanks also to those who responded with an offer of a mailing list. I might still take one of you up on the offer, e.g. for an "Announcements" mailing list. But for now, I'll wait and see if the forum meets our needs.

2007-04-16 - Need for a mailing list

For some time now I've recognized that I should setup a mailing list (or forum) for this project. I'm not very quick at responding to questions that come via email, and the only way I can announce new releases or new problems with dkimproxy is via this website. But I can't make up my mind whether to start a Sourceforge project, get a Yahoo!-groups mailing list, or something else? Feel free to send me your thoughts.

2007-03-16 - Reorganized Dkimproxy setup documentation

Today I rearranged the setup documentation seen on this page. I've moved the Postfix-specific instructions to separate pages so that overall things are less Postfix-centric. I also put in a plug for using SpamAssassin for DKIM verification.

Let me know what you think. Are things easier to follow? For comparison, I've saved the old docs.

2007-03-13 - Mail::DKIM 0.24 available here for testing

A bugfix release. I'll post it on CPAN later this week. Update 2007-03-15: I've now posted it on CPAN.

2007-03-02 - dkimproxy 0.15 has been released

Now that the Mail::DKIM module supports DomainKeys signatures as well as DKIM signatures, dkimproxy needed a way to select which type of signature to use. Version 0.15 has this capability... use the - signature argument to the dkimproxy.out script.

Note: I'm still looking for a way to extend dkimproxy for doing multiple signatures. I figure I'll need to have dkimproxy read a configuration file to determine which signatures to apply and how to generate them. So now the main holdup is deciding the format of this configuration file.

2007-02-28 - Mail::DKIM 0.23 now on CPAN

I've uploaded version 0.23 to CPAN.

2007-02-22 - Mail::DKIM 0.23 available here for testing

This version contains a few fixes for DomainKeys support and improves some diagnostic messages. Also, DKIM signatures have been brought up-to-date with the latest spec. The signer module will now generate newer-style DKIM signatures (with v=0.5 tag).

I'm still working on an update to dkimproxy that will allow generation of DomainKey signatures, or multiple signatures, which can be done by Mail::DKIM. The main reason for delay is that I can't decide on an appropriate configuration file format.

2007-02-09 - Mail::DKIM 0.22 is now on CPAN

I've posted version 0.22 of the Mail::DKIM module on CPAN. I'm still a little nervous about the addition of DomainKeys support... I suspect it may have a few surpises still in store.

2007-01-19 - Mail::DKIM 0.22 available here for testing

This version is another bugfix release, just fixing a few bugs. Again, if you're upgrading from 0.19 or below, this version introduces support for Yahoo! DomainKeys. Programmers using this module should take note that any recognized signature will make the message verify, so when Mail::DKIM says the message verified, you could have either a DKIM-Signature or a DomainKey-Signature (or both).

Dkimproxy has not been updated yet to sign with Yahoo! DomainKeys signatures, or to sign with multiple signatures.

2006-11-29 - Mail::DKIM 0.21 available here for testing

This version fixes a few bugs found in version 0.20. Nothing else. But if you're upgrading from a version older than 0.20, see the notes below about changes in 0.20.

2006-10-24 - Mail::DKIM 0.20 available here for testing

This new version has support for DomainKeys signatures (yes, that's right), and for signing/verifying multiple signatures in one pass. See the What's New link below for details.

Note that if you install this version, your DKIM-aware application could report a valid signature even if there's no DKIM-Signature! That's because the verifier recognizes DomainKey-Signatures as valid too.

2006-09-21 - dkimproxy 0.14 now available

A frequently requested feature was a sample initialization script that didn't require the startproc and killproc commands. Version 0.14 of dkimproxy includes this.

2006-09-13 - Mail-DKIM 0.19 now available on CPAN

Heh, after three months I finally get around to posting 0.19 on CPAN. Sorry for the delay.

2006-06-15 - Mail-DKIM 0.19 available here for testing

I was asked about running Mail-DKIM on Perl 5.6. After some investigation, I found it is possible, with two minor changes to the code. These changes are now available in version 0.19 of Mail-DKIM.

2006-06-14 - Mail-DKIM 0.18 now available on CPAN

I'm satisfied 0.18 does not introduce new bugs, so I'm posting it on CPAN.

2006-06-08 - Mail-DKIM 0.18 available here for testing

I finally figured out how to do signing/verifying without using the heavy-weight Crypt::RSA module, instead relying on Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA. This new release removes the dependency on the Crypt::RSA Perl module.

2006-06-06 - Mail-DKIM 0.17 now available on CPAN

I've been running 0.17 on my own server for several days now and have not seen any show-stoppers, so I've posted version 0.17 on CPAN.

2006-05-26 - SpamAssassin version 3.1.2 released

SpamAssassin 3.1.2 was released yesterday. One of its new features is support for my Mail::DKIM module. I'm flattered that the SpamAssassin folks would choose to provide support for my little-known module :).

This has given me some motivation to spend some time improving Mail::DKIM. On this page you can now find version 0.17 (not yet released to CPAN) which has been updated to support the latest DKIM drafts.

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