Mail-DKIM and DKIMproxy

Known Issues

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page if you have a problem. It is possible there is already a known solution to your problem.

Here I will try to document unresolved issues with Mail::DKIM or DKIMproxy.

If you notice any problems, let me know so I can add them to this list.

Interoperability Testing

The following email address is configured to auto-respond with DKIM verification results. It uses the dkimproxy implementation as found on this web page.

For best results, place the words dkim and/or test in the subject of your message. This will reduce the likelihood of your message getting quarantined by my spam filters.

Note 1: the above auto-responder responds to the SMTP envelope sender; i.e. it ignores contents of From: and Reply-to: headers when making its reply.

Note 2: the above auto-responder deals with the validity of the signature itself. It does NOT apply any signing policies.

The following auto-responders are offered by others, and will test your signed messages against other implementations:

Address Implementation Status
sa-test AT sendmail DOT netdkim-milterchecks DKIM and DomainKeys
dktest AT exhalus DOT netDKeyEventchecks DKIM and DomainKeys
dktest AT blackops DOT orgOpenDKIM filterchecks DKIM
check-auth AT verifier DOT port25 DOT comPowerMTAchecks DKIM and DomainKeys
dkim-test AT altn DOT comMDaemonchecks DKIM
autorespond+dkim AT dk DOT elandsys DOT comdkim-milterchecks DKIM


If you need help with DKIMproxy, or with the Perl module (Mail::DKIM), feel free to use one of the following tools:

Please also post comments, suggestions, and patches, if you have any. I will respond as I am able.

You can also email me directly (, but be warned I sometimes take a while to respond to email. If it's about something others would know or be interested in, please use the SourceForge-provided forum or mailing list.

Get DKIMproxy at